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2024 Topps Heritage Baseball Monster Box 20-Box Case (Gold Foilboard & Blue Variations)

2024 Topps Heritage Baseball Monster Box 20-Box Case (Gold Foilboard & Blue Variations)

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  • 9 cards per pack.
  • 15 packs per box.
  • 20 boxes per case.

Look for Retail Exclusive hits, including Gold Foilboard 1975 Topps Baseball Sensations and Blue 1975 Topps Zoo’s Who Stick-Ons.

2024 Topps Heritage Baseball jumps back to 1975 and brings a heavy dose of nostalgia along for the ride, like each year Heritage blends modern elements on a classic design. Packs may hold on-card autographs, relics, chrome cards, base variations and more!

Base Set: Features a 500-card set highlighting MVP’s, League Leaders, season highlights and short prints. Low-Numbered Short Prints (#1-100) drop 1:3 packs.

Base Card Parallels

  • Red Bordered – Target Giant Box Exclusive

Base Card Variations (Select subjects)

  • Black and White Images White Bordered
  • Color Swap
  • Throwback Uniform
  • Nickname Variations

Base Card Chrome Variations

  • Blue Sparkle – Monster Box Exclusive
  • Refractor – #’d to 575
  • Silver – #’d to 375
  • Black – #’d to 75
  • Superfractor – #’d 1 of 1

NEW 1975 Topps Baseball Sensations: Inspired by the 1975 Topps Bay City Rollers set featuring current and 1970’s star players. RETAIL EXCLUSIVE

  • Gold Foilboard – Walmart Exclusive and limited to 999.
  • Platinum Foilboard – Target Exclusive and limited to 999.

NEW 1975 Topps Zoo’s Who Stick-Ons: Based on the 1975 sticker set of the same name. This time around Zoo’s Who will feature real life images of mascots and player nicknames. RETAIL EXCLUSIVE

  • Blue – Walmart Exclusive and limited to 999.
  • Red – Target Exclusive and limited to 999.

NEW 1975 Topps in 3D: Look for this limited 3D Lenticular version of the base card. Features a combination of legends and modern stars. RETAIL EXCLUSIVE

New Age Performers: Horizontal and Vertical designed cards with modern players, whose performances have surpassed former greats.

Then and Now: Statistical comparisons of a 1975 player and a modern player in several categories including Home Runs, Batting Average, Strikeouts, Wins and more.

News Flashbacks: World events from 1975.

Baseball Flashbacks: Memorable moments from the 1975 season.

Real One Autographs: One of the most iconic autograph sets out there. Look for a mix of retired and current players.

Real One Special Edition Autographs – Hand numbered to 75 and signed in red ink.

1975 Real One Autographs: Mimics the 1975 design and featuring players from that era.

NEW 1975 Topps Award Winners Buyback Autographs – Features original buybacks of award winners from the 1975 season. Very Limited.

Clubhouse Collection Autograph Relics: Featuring game-used relics and on-card autographs. Hand numbered to 25 or less.

Flashback Autographed Relics: Celebrating moments from the 1975 season with retired greats, on- cards autographs and game-used relics. Hand numbered to 25 or less.

Clubhouse Collection Relics: Game-used uniform and bat pieces from leading MLB stars.

  • Gold Parallel - #’d to 99 or less.

Clubhouse Collection Dual Relics – Hand-numbered to 75.

Clubhouse Collection Triple Relics – Hand-numbered to 25.

Clubhouse Collection Quad Relics – Hand-numbered to 10.

1975 U.S. Postage Stamp Relics: MLB greats from yesterday and today alongside postage stamps released in 1975. Numbered to 50.

1975 Baseball Cut Signatures – Numbered 1 of 1. 1975 Celebrity Cut Signatures – Numbered 1 of 1.

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