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Dallas Cowboys Triplets Autographed Full-Size Football Helmet - BAS COA

Dallas Cowboys Triplets Autographed Full-Size Football Helmet - BAS COA

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  • Authenticity: The helmet is described as "authentic," indicating it is a genuine, full-sized replica of the helmets worn by players on the field. The authenticity is further affirmed by BAS, a leading authentication service known for verifying the legitimacy of sports memorabilia.

  • Cowboy Triplets: This term refers to the iconic trio of players from the Dallas Cowboys during the 1990s: Troy Aikman (quarterback), Emmitt Smith (running back), and Michael Irvin (wide receiver). These players were instrumental in the Cowboys' success during that era, including multiple Super Bowl victories.

  • Condition: While specific condition details may vary, items certified by BAS typically ensure that the signatures are genuine and that the helmet itself is in excellent display condition, suitable for showcasing in collections or memorabilia displays.


    This Dallas Cowboys Triplets autographed full-size replica helmet comes with a certificate of authenticity from Beckett.

    Autographs include: Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin.


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